What are our plans?

Our plans, are to implement ideas for trade advertising campaigns in & around London, promoting the advantages, benefits & safety of using our iconic service, to the general public & all visitors to our great city.

How will we fund this?

For all future promotions & advertising campaigns we aim to approach all members from within the trade, & ask them to make contributions to our PR fund & re-invest back into the trade that has brought them their very own business, like Taxi garages, eateries, manufacturers, Taxi media companies etc etc. We also hope, that with the help & support of you the drivers, also making contributions into a fully transparent PR fund we can achieve our plans. The more that can contribute, then the bigger & the better the promotional advertising campaigns can be.

For example if 3000 drivers contributed £10 each a month we can have continual advertising campaigns on London’s streets all year round. There is also the opportunity for a monthly £10 DD to be set up too should anyone wish to commit & fully support our plans.



Lee is a committed family man, he’s married to Debbie & has three children, two son’s and a daughter.

Lee’s other passion in his life is his rugby, he played to a good standard & coached successfully for 10 years.

When he is not working he spends a lot of time supporting his youngest son Harry, who is a professional.

Lee’s father is a London Taxi driver too, of 40 years experience and he followed in his fathers footsteps and completed the Knowledge of London in January 1997.

Lee is extremely passionate about the London Taxi trade & proud of it’s 360 year tradition of great service & standards.

He started London Taxi PR in March 2015 with the goal of bringing positive PR & advertising to the London Taxi trade.

Lee asked his friend & fellow Taxi driver Gary to join him in this venture & together they make an impressive team.

He is a hard working, honest and approachable man, & he will be determined to succeed in bringing positive PR & advertising to the London Taxi trade.


Gary is married with two lovely daughters & his other passions in life are classic cars, skiing & cycling.

Gary comes from an engineering background & is a qualified draughtsman. After undertaking the knowledge of London & completing it in 27 months Gary joined London’s elite green badge taxi drivers in 1995.

Gary is also a green badge qualified taxi guide & one of the original members of The Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers when they obtained full livery status in the
City of London.

Gary’s passion for his trade is endless he believes with hard work & dedication anything is achievable. That’s why when he was asked to join London Taxi PR by his friend Lee he jumped at the chance. He saw this as a way to bring good PR & positive advertising back to this great trade.

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