Our Latest digital Advertising Campaign “All HAIL THE STREET HAIL” 

Saturday the 17th august 2019 we launched our latest advertising campaign highlighting the ease & simplicity of hailing a London Taxi. Our “ALL HAIL THE STREET HAIL” campaign is celebrating 365 years of hailing Taxis from the street. 

Even though technology has come to the fore, Hailing a Traditional London Taxi from the street is still the quickest most effective way of Hailing a Taxi in London and best of all, no mobile data is required ! 

You know instantly, when you see it, what the bright yellow for hire light means, and you also know that, what you are getting in to, is a Safe, Trusted & World respected service. 

So help celebrate the ease of Hailing & Hail your London Taxi Today.  

Our 2018 Christmas campaign “You Can Drink, But Let Us Drive”

After a Successful 2018 we ended the year with a targeted Ad campaign to encourage all taking part in the festive parties, to let the licensed London Taxi, be their chosen vehicle for their journey home or to other destinations.

The Campaign ran through the month of December and finished in the first week of January 2019.

It was shown across London on 20 large format digital screens once again supplied by 8 Outdoor media. This was also supported by 24 internal digital screens situated in Londons clubs,Bars & Pubs around central London. These screens were supplied by ClearChannel. 

Our campaign promoting ‘The Knowledge’

The aim of the campaign is to show the diversity within the profession & that the knowledge is in fact open to all, regardless of their Gender or Ethnicity.

All Images used are all of current London Taxi Drivers who have been photographed by Terry Gibbins who is a professional Photographer as well as a London Taxi driver himself   

#TheKnowledge #Opentoall #WeareLondon  

For more information on ‘The Knowledge’ and how to sign up go to

Always use a Licensed London Taxi !


Hail yours today!

London taxis are easily hailed from the street. Alternatively they can be ‘virtually hailed’ by using TAXIAPP on a smartphone. You can make advance bookings for special trips or simply ask for a taxi as soon as possible.