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I speak to lots of drivers in our trade and as the time approaches for another demo this always raises the argument of should we demonstrate or not. This is never an open and shut case and leaves drivers in two camps, those that don’t want to demonstrate and inconvenience the general public, and those that think it’s our only option.

I understand those that don’t want to demonstrate for fear of upsetting the public but what some don’t realise is that this demonstration is for the public as well. We as a trade are suffering because of Transport for London and their abject failure as our regulator, this regulatory body consists of career civil servants who have no passion for their job let alone our great historic trade.

They seem to think that the laws of the land by which we work and are regulated are just guidelines which they can interpret as they seem fit. They are not, they are not for interpretation by this shambles of a department. These are laws which have been set down in parliament and should not be manipulated by these individuals to further their own careers.

The failure of TFL in their neglect of the traveling public is nothing short of scandalous, their failure to enforce the private hire act and allow touting to flourish unchecked is putting everybody at risk. That’s why it’s so important to always travel by licensed London Taxi when in London. All drivers undergo the hardest test to become Taxi drivers, All drivers are fully enhanced CRB checked without exception, and our trade can be traced back 360 years

Let’s look at these individuals who are supposed to be working for us, Garrett Emerson this man when questioned about the number of taxi enforcement officers working in London stated that there were 400 officers. This we all know to be a lie because we as drivers know there are no more than 6 working in central London on any given weekend.

Helen Chapman, this woman in my opinion is so far out of her depth she’s drowning, and has the front to come out and say this demo is not being called by any of the recognised trade organisations. Recognised for what ? Not pandering to the idiots at TFL. Well Ms Chapman do us all a favour and go the same way as your predecessor Mason.

Hendy & Daniels what can we say about these two individuals that hasn’t already been said, and the contempt which they show us as a trade, because that’s what we are, a trade.

Anywhere else in the world driving a taxi is seen as a migratory occupation where somebody comes into a country and drives a cab for a short while, well London is different to us it’s a trade with traditions that are revered and respected around the world. These traditions are what make us the best in the world. This leads us back to where we started and those that feel the need to demonstrate because we feel nobody is listening to our worries and fears.

So the decision is down to the individual and their conscience. Do we demonstrate to highlight a regulatory body described by the London assembly as woefully inadequate and do we demonstrate to protect the best Taxi service in the world which has been described as the gold standard in Taxis.

Over to you Ladies and Gentlemen.