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Hi, Just thought we would write a brief blog updating you all.

A few Months ago myself & another cab driver Gary long, set up londonTaxiPR via a Twitter account. We now have over 1400 followers.

Our aim is to promote & raise the profile of our trade with positive PR back into the public domain.

For many years our iconic brand has been used to promote every other business but not our own ! Millions of pounds has been made off of the back of our iconic brand, & a pittance has been put back in to it.

Well we have our plans & ideas to change that! We believe that with the help & support of the trade & increased self promotion we can implement promotional campaigns that will fully benefit the trade, & put funds back into the trade from which it was raised, & not in to the pockets of company’s living off of our brand.

We have met & had discussions with LTC about our plans & ideas, plus we have been in discussions with advertising & media companies. All have been positive & very supportive of our ideas

We have been researching costings of promotional advertising campaigns, at many key sites in & around London. Our findings Are proving to be incredibly expensive & are ranging from, for 2 week campaign approx 12.5 k to a 6 week campaign of approx 60k These would be in prime locations at major sites. Obviously we do not have the funds available to run such campaigns currently but we are Looking into ways of how we can perhaps raise some funding to actually run a productive campaign. We are also looking into other ways of Potentially maximising our promotional exposure through other avenues with hopefully less expense.

Our cab adverts are one way this works. Using our iconic Taxi to actually promote us has had a huge response. We have many more to come & with different messages, plus they offer affordable maximum exposure.

We are also looking into potentially running a fully transparent PR fund. We are fully committed & serious in our plans to implement our ideas for the trade

We would like to thank all our followers for your support so far & hope that you will continue to support us as we promote our great trade.

If anyone would like more information about our cab adverts please DM us on Twitter @londontaxi_pr or email us at londontaxipr@gmail.com. We now have a Facebook page to londontaxipr. Please like and share it amongst your friends to help raise our profile & promote our trade.

We will continue to keep you all updated on further developments & progress in bringing our ideas to life.

Be lucky !

Lee & Gary.